Mission & Vision

Mission, Vision & Values

Our mission is to be the leader in value creation. Leadership in value creation has a wide meaning for us – both tangible and intangible

First of all, it means that we must create the company’s value at a faster rate than our competitors. We will achieve this at every stage of our company’s vertically integrated operations, starting from mining of raw materials right through to the manufacturing of high value-added products.

Leadership in value creation – is what each one of us does every hour of every day. By undertaking additional efforts and walking an extra mile we can achieve more to exceed the expectations of our clients. Leadership in value creation – is using our knowledge experience and expertise for the development and sustainable growth of the company.

Our Vision:
PEPCO is an Electro Mechanical and Engineering Company. We aspire to become the leaders in value creation using the following key elements:

We achieve excellence with the help of the Pepco Engineering business system. To achieve competitive advantage we use combination of factors, which can be presented in two main directions:

Customer satisfaction:

High quality Products
High quality Services
Positive Experience of Co-operation
Business processes improvement:

Market Foresight
Sustainable Business Models
Project Management
Mergers & Acquisitions
Operating system improvement
Technology Development
Our driving force and primary success factors are our professional and dedicated people united by a strong corporate culture and shared key company values:

Customer care: Our Company exists due to our customers. We respect and appreciate both our external and internal clients. We study their needs carefully in order to react efficiently when called upon and we develop for them and with them. We achieve this by building new operations, launching new products, improving our technology and service and making our business process more efficient.
Respect to the employees: We aspire to become the employer of choice by providing good working conditions, making fair appraisals of employee performance and providing the potential for self-realization, career development and initiative inside the company.
Team work: As a Team, we can achieve more together. Our actions are based on trust, responsibility and decisions which we reach and realize together by using the potential and professionalism of all members of our team. Our shared company vision and goals will lead to lasting success.
Unity is our fundamental principle and a necessary condition to achieve leadership in value creation. Our unity is based on shared goals, values and business standards. Only together we can achieve more.

Our Goal:
Our goal is to learn from our past experience to regain profitability and to develop and grow by taking advantage of the opportunities presented by current economic conditions in order to one of the well known Companies .